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"Time is the coin of our life.  It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.  Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you." Carl Sandburg


Robert Thomas for Congress has eight goals that have been carefully designed and tested.  Each goal must be applied properly to provide long-term success for individuals that operate the tool. Discussing each goal separately will help you to understand Robert Thomas' strategic plans to operate successful results.

Goal 1: Creating Jobs/Green Energy Opportunities

Without jobs, retirement, social security, low taxes, productivity, medical/life insurance, scholarships, increased sale taxes, thriving communities, and paying off the national debt, the economy is destined to stop working. Green Energy job are the future to our county longevity.  .

Goal 2: Preserving Retirement

Retirement is something that should not just be offered to the working individuals by their employers that can afford to offer retirement as part of the benefit package; retirement should be a curriculum lesson offered and taught at an early age, before graduating from high school or college.

Goal 3: Protecting Social Security

Social Security is a powerful resource in many people’s lives but it is not a tangible resource which means its value will decrease when compared to goods and services. People must be educated to look at Social Security as a supplemental source, not a way of life from a retirement point of view.

Goal 4: Decreasing Taxes

When an individual understands the American tax system and applies the system correctly, at that point, he is well on the way to understanding the formula to solving his financial problems. Taxes do serve a purpose in society; however, at what point do we say there is a better way to fund the city, school, and county budgets?

Goal 5: Increasing Productivity

Everyone is trying to solve problems by themselves and the only way to solve the problem and increase productivity is in unity.

Goal 6: Generational Wealth

We spend all our lives accumulation federal reserve notes (dollars) to only grow old and retire to realize that we do not have enough federal notes to live a normal life. Nobody never informed you that you was just trading dollars for hours. We should pass to our next generation resources of value. It is the resources that pertain the wealth the federal note (dollars) is only a tool that enable you to obtain the resource. 

Goal 7: Providing Scholarships

Scholarships are good rewards to give to students to get started in college, but are we creating problems by rewarding students with good grades with scholarships while allowing students who did not receive good grades to get nothing?

Goal 8: Rebuilding Communities

In order to rebuild a community, one must first consult with the greatest asset, which would be the citizens. If citizens are given an opportunity to participate in community projects, this will produce opportunities without increasing taxes, borrowing loans, and taking out bonds.